Why you need a real estate agent

When my husband and I purchased our first home in 2008, it didn't come to my mind finding a realtor would be necessary. First, I thought I had access to see all listings available through public websites. Second I didn't think there would be anyone as interested as myself in finding the best fit for us. As an architect, I thought I knew all I needed to know about buildings in the city.

After I got into the real estate business, I learned that licensed brokers have access to much more information than is available to most of the public. This information might be essential when determining, for instance, how much a property is "truly" worth, or how much the right offer is for a unit on sale. Real estate brokers also have negotiation skills, and can guide through during the process with the qualified team of people that involves acquiring or selling a property, such as lenders, attorneys and home inspectors. Keep in mind that when you are looking for buying or renting, it doesn’t cost you anything having an agent on your side. But on the other hand, having one could save you a lot of money!

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