Why Streeterville has grown?

What makes Streeterville a nice neigheborhood to live?

When I first moved to Streeterville in 2005 it was about a half empty. After 10 years, it is hard to find an empty block. I studied urban planning but it doesn't take much of study to figure this out.

Streeterville is less then 10 minutes away walking distance to Michigan Avenue and Lake Michigan. No time you waste for commuting if you work in downtown. I often take a stroll to the lake in late afternoon. All stores you need for everyday living are close by, like Whole Foods, and local grocery stores. Target is also there, in the corner of Illinois and McClurg Ct, where the old Fox and Obel used to be at. Walgreen's is across the street, and AMC Theater is also nearby, as well as a number of acceptable restaurants and coffee shops. It has become a vibrant town within the city.

The only drawback of this neighborhood is the shortage of green space, in addition to the beach. There is a new park planned to be completed in 2019 between Illinois and Grand, just West of the Lake Shore Drive. It is not expected to be particularly big but still, it will be a great addition to the neighborhood. It is a popular neighborhood for mostly single professionals and young couples but after the park completed I think there will be more families with kids moving in or decide to stay longer in the neighborhood.

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